We are a design based collaborative practice that values and actively seeks out opportunities to work with and learn from others. We are a forward looking practice and committed to design excellence and facilitating innovative solutions. Ensuring every design we engage is sustainable is of primary importance. These quintessentially give rise to ADG Architects key Philosophies which are based around 3 core elements:- Communication with Client, Innovation and Sustainability.


ADG Architects seeks to make every design they engage in sustainable through the utilisation of a range of methods which include:
• Passive solar design
• Sustainable and innovative materials
• Natural light from two directions where possible to reduce the need for artificial lighting
• Effective use of thermal mass to reduce heating and cooling
• Natural ventilation throughout the building
• Creating the best possible indoor environment quality
• Retention of rainwater in water tanks and natural landscaping
• Use of materials with low maintenance cost and great longevity
• Solar panels where budget permits


Innovation within ADG Architects is practiced within a multi-dimensional platform. The role of architects is not that of a simple professional anymore. New technologies, new approaches to architecture mean that more than anything the contemporary practice is composed not only of individuals who identify as architecture professionals but also as design researchers. ADG examines and evaluates current trends in residential architecture and combines the best new techniques with tried and tested solutions to create architecture beyond the expectations of clients.


Collaboration and consultation with our clients is a key element and ethos at ADG Architects. We believe that our clients are at the heart of each and every stage of the design process. Through the fostering of key relationships with our clients and providing communication at every step of each design phase is the resolution to a successful project. 



ADG works with an experienced group of consultants. We now have in house Structural Engineers therefore value engineering occurs during the DA planning process. This avoids unnecessary delays after approval.


ADG has a well developed quality assurance process that includes checklists for every step of the design process, from obtaining the clients brief, schematic design, detailed design, issuing drawings to consultants, contract documentation work sequence, contract administration and post construction services. 


ADG has a well structured specification process that includes specifications for all processes, including the relevant Australian Standards and BCA requirements for installation. Using standard building components in buildings in a way that brings out the best qualities of the spaces they create means that quality design is compatible with cost effective design. ADG has years of experience specifying the best value materials with an in-house system that clearly outlines the materials, finishes and specification for the project.

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