Will the site work?


Every Site is different. Along with orientation, slope and views, every site has council regulations that apply to it. Below is a helpful list of councils in NSW and some resources that are useful to determine what can be built on a site and how many consultants will be needed for a development application. The below information should give a rough indication of whether a site might work and what kind of consultants need to be contacted. However, every council is unique and will often request unforeseen consultants, despite these checklists. There are also many other requirements in the Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan that must be consulted. Contact ADG for an initial Feasibility study.



The Development Application (DA) checklist for each council sets out which drawings are required for Development Application and gives a good indication of which consultants are necessary. For example, most projects will require a Stormwater Management plan so a civil engineer will be required. Larger projects may require an Acoustic Report, Traffic Report and Access Report. Most projects will require an indication of price from council, depending on the size of the project this may have to be supplied by a quantity surveyor. ADG has a full list of good quality consultants that we appreciate and enjoy working with. We are very happy to contact them for you or you can research them yourself.



Every Council has its own Local Environment Plan (LEP) that sets out what can be built on each site. Attached to this Local Environment Plan and part of it are the LEP Maps that show the zoning, building height, maximum floor space ratio (FSR), lot size, heritage and other relative information. Looking at these maps should give a good indication.


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