ADG Architects, with this extensive experience, provides a new, exciting and fresh design approach with all project solutions adopting Environmentally sustainable design initiatives.

We will provide innovative, cost effective solutions in Architecture, Master-planning & Interiors supported by the integrated and advanced modelling system Revit Architecture.

We have in association with us Project Managers, Environmental Engineers, Planners, Landscape Architects & Designers, Structural/Civil Engineers, Mechanical/Electrical Engineers.

We have experience in most forms of Architecture including:

  • Residential
  • Multi-residential / apartments
  • Medium density residential
  • Resorts
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Industrial
  • Community facilities
  • Aged care
Forresters Beach Community Centre

There are various stages in developing and building a project that ADG Architects can assist you with:


Large sites require foresight when building any stage but to get the most out of a site it is necessary to Masterplan not only what will be built right now but also for the future. ADG Architects has great experience in Masterplanning and can help you maximise yield and potential in sites of any size, from small blocks to entire islands.

Sketch and Concept Design

Looking for something extraordinary? ADG Architects enjoys creating beautiful and fresh designs and concepts for sites. Sketch Design gives clients a good idea of the design we think would make the building they desire remarkable. Sketch design is also the stage where clients give valuable feedback and the design is agreed upon before taking it to council.

Feasibility Design

If you are looking at a site and are wondering what to do with it or looking at purchasing a site but are not sure if it will meet your requirements, come in and talk to us. ADG Architects has a long history of connecting developers and land owners to produce mutually beneficial outcomes. We are constantly looking at potential sites for our clients to see if state and council regulations allow for the scope of work necessary.

Project Management

Building projects are complicated and require finesse to co-ordinate all the disciplines required to create a project. ADG Architects has great experience in project management and can deal with projects of all sizes.

Development Application

ADG Architects has extensive experience with councils in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Queensland. ADG Architects are experts at navigating the differences in regulations between councils as well as State Environmental Planning Policies. It is important to make the council part of the project by engaging them in a pre-DA meeting where their priorities are identified and the concept behind the design is communicated so that both parties are stakeholders in the project. it is a good idea to have a look at the DA requirements of the council to be submitted to before starting. Below are links to development application checklist of councils that ADG typically deals with. The DA Checklist below gives a good indication of which consultants are necessary.

Stages of the design & building process–> read more

Construction Certificate

After receiving the DA conditions of consent from council, the documentation for the Construction Certificate can be completed. This is a further detailed design with the conditions of consent included in it. The Construction Certificate is a permit from council to start construction works, although further documentation is necessary for the builder.


Tender Documentation

Tender documentation is documentation prepared to a level of detail so that several builders can give accurate pricing on a project. ADG architects prepares this documentation as well as specifications and co-ordinates with engineers, landscape architects and other builders to create a full set for pricing.

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