• Council: Moreton Bay Reional Council
  • Typology: Commercial, Community

  • Location: Warner, Qld

  • Budget Category: Under 5M

    The centre is designed around a double story foyer that is awash with light, a circulation hub where diverse medical practitioners meet to cross fertilise ideas about contemporary practice. This space is the heart of the building and bleeds into the waiting area for patients so that it is always lit with natural sunlight and the shade of plants that grow along a wire trellis parallel to the building.

    The entry soars above visitors, creating a grandiose space and highlighting the quality of the medical expertise contained within. A great focus has been made to provide natural light to as many spaces as possible to harness to create a better experience. This light is not direct and harsh, but rather dappled like the light under a tree as the building responds to the harsh Brisbane climate with generous overhangs and staggered shading.

    Whilst the medical entrance to the building is built on a larger scale to indicate the predominance of the proficiency within, the pedestrian side of the building is created at a smaller more human scale. The typology of this building is twofold, that of suburban centres and the higher learning hubs of universities. This building embraces both of these typologies but widens the definition of suburban centres to create more spacious public areas where a better experience is created. A home of medical excellence and expertise, this suburban medical centre is alive with the spirit of learning.


Posted on

December 14, 2016