• Council: Gosford Council
  • Typology: Affordable Housing/Boarding House SEPP

  •  Location: Ettalong, NSW

  • Budget Category: Under 5M

    This development is an exciting opportunity to reinvigorate the area and provide much needed quality, affordable housing in Ettalong Beach.
    The building features a green roof for filtering rainwater that can be re-used in the landscaping as well as providing a private area for residents. The building also features a small Cafe, making Ettalong Beach even more attractive.

    The development will feature a green roof for filtering rainwater that can be reused in the landscaping and it will also provide a private area for residents. The proposed height and scale of the building is in keeping with the council’s guidelines and any shadows would be mainly cast on the road areas, leaving little impact on neighbouring residents. There will also be private parking provided for residents of the boarding house to ensure local parking areas are not adversely affected. Contrary to recent publication, the proposed development will be privately owned and operated and will not receive any Government subsidies or funding.
    In line with the council’s plans for the waterfront promenade and character requirements for the area, the new building will include a larger contemporary cafe closer to the ferry that will encourage an active street front. The development will also enhance Ferry Road with trees, street furniture and an awning providing covered access to Ocean View Street and the nearby bus connections.

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December 14, 2016