We are a design based collaborative practice that values the input of others
We actively seek out opportunities to work with and learn from others
We are committed to design excellence, our primary interest is in facilitating innovative solutions
We are a forward looking practice
We care about keeping the practice strong and vigorous through renewal
We are good at solving difficult problems and  relish a challenge
We are good at budget conscious, high impact work
Some of our best work has been achieved through design and construct commissions
We recognise that the practice is a business and it has to be treated as such
We have extensive systems to monitor our performance


The role of architects is not that of a simple professional anymore. New technologies, new approaches to architecture mean that more than anything the contemporary practice is composed not only of individuals who identify as architecture professionals but also as design researchers. ADG examines and evaluates current trends in residential architecture and combines the best new techniques with tried and tested solutions to create architecture beyond the expectations of clients.


ADG Architects seeks to make every design they engage in sustainable.
A range of methods are used achieve this which include:
• Passive solar design
• Use of sustainable and innovative materials
• Natural light from two directions where possible to reduce the need for artificial lighting
• Effective use of thermal mass to reduce heating and cooling
• Natural ventilation throughout the building
• Creating the best possible indoor environment quality
• Retention of rainwater in water tanks and natural landscaping
• Use of materials with low maintenance cost and great longevity
• Solar panels where budget permits


Clients are the key stakeholders in the design process, without the client there is no project. ADG Architects consults with the client at every step of the process. The client is the key contributor in the process and its important that the design belongs to the client as much as it does to the architect and other consultants.
Feedback is an important part of the design process and ADG architects communicates with clients and consultants to ensure that efficient feedback is acted on as soon as possible. The collaboration of the client is a key element in the resolution of a successful project.
ADG Architects listens to the needs of the client and delivers excellent results, many Clients have been utilising the professional services of ADG from its inception and continue to do so.


ADG has a trusted group of consultants that they have been engaged with on a number of other successful projects. ADG as professionals will not engage these consultants, but we will request a fee proposal from them which we will then forward on to clients with our advise. If the client agrees ADG will then send the consultant a letter of appointment confirmation.

This is standard professional practice.
Consultants are professionals that ADG have worked successfully with on other projects before and are aware that they need to search for the absolute best resolution for the specific project. This involves testing different possible solutions to structural and civil problems, examining their cost and design implications.


ADG has a well developed quality assurance process that includes checklists for every step of the design process, from obtaining the clients brief, schematic design, detailed design, issuing drawings to consultants, contract documentation work sequence, contract administration and post construction services. There is an annual internal QA review which checks randomly selected projects, from their filing systems to their drawings, as well as the processes for noting phone conversations, emails and our contacts, both consultants and material suppliers.


ADG has a well structured specification process that includes specifications for all processes, including the relevant Australian Standards and BCA requirements for installation.
Using standard building components in buildings in a way that brings out the best qualities of the spaces they create means that quality design is compatible with cost effective design. ADG has years of experience specifying the best value materials with an in-house system that clearly
outlines the materials, finishes and specification for the project.
There is a detailed material and finishes schedule, based on products that have been used successfully in other projects and that are durable and have a long longevity.

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