Gosford’s Waterfront could be considered the playground to the Central Coast. It may also be Gosford City’s answer to bringing the entire community together in transforming the Waterfront Precinct, refreshing it, enhancing its appeals and giving it a brand-new look that showcases our natural waterways and landscape.

ADG Architect’s Principal Director, Anthony Kelly, has been gaining momentum in putting Gosford Waterfront at the top of the agenda. Anthony was interviewed late last week by 92.5 ABC Central Coast, revealing his community plans in showcasing his Master Plan for Gosford Waterfront and highlighting the great benefits it will bring to the whole community.

ADG Architects is focusing on a cumulative Masterplan for Gosford Waterfront which will incorporate community values and input – ultimately establishing a great sense of community feel and spirit within the Central Coast. The plan will rejuvenate and revitalise the entire look and feel of the Waterfront, allowing the whole community to develop a great appreciation and sense of pride in the place they call home!

Previous plans such as ‘Our Destiny’ Master Plan raised areas of concern in its refusal to account for the impacts of parking, in particular, traffic build ups and great risks posed to pedestrians on the busiest road in Gosford. The plan fails to embrace and enhance the Waterfront, showing disregard for existing structures, such as the Iguana Joes building which could be reworked for cost saving measures, and ultimately blocking views of the beautiful Waterfront.

That 2010 masterplan also incorporates an immense Jetty Apartment development proposed in our beautiful Waterway which would block views of the waterfront for everyone across the water to the surrounding hills and mountains.

That plan, in addition to all that, would see major traffic disruptions and may cause chaos for those already exhausted commuters who travel to and from Sydney on a daily basis. Commuters travelling from the Central Coast through Gosford and surrounding areas begin their journey at 5am in the morning, returning home around 7.30pm after a day’s work in Sydney. Could you imagine the frustration commuters may endure having to queue up waiting for people trying to get a car park around the Waterfront? The community needs to have confidence in the safety of themselves and their families in the area around the waterfront.

ADG’s Masterplan

The ADG Master Plan is designed to take into account the areas of concern and addresses and builds on those areas:

1. a) New Point Clare Cycleway on the edge of the railwaycauseway linking the Waterfront via Point Clare to Woy Woy (2010 Masterplan)

b) Cycleway/ pedestrian path on the north side of the Brian McGowan Bridge linking West Gosford to the Stadium and Waterfront

2. Dane Drive to be relocated into an underground tunnel

3. Floating marina

4. New world-class Performing Arts & Cultural Centre (PACC) which will feature 1000 seat concert hall, 500 seat auditorium and 1000 parking spaces

5. Grassed area for large outdoor events with stage connected to PACC

6. Waterfront landscaped areas referencing local Indigenous themes

7. Multiple restaurant, café, bar and gallery precinct

8. Iguana Joes Building converted into ferry terminal with rooftop bar/restaurant/café

9. Observation deck and lift to waterfront/Poppy Park from ANZAC memorial/Mann Street

10. Water Park utilising existing swimming pool – including play equipment, small beaches, interactive water play. Underground parking for a further 500 cars and bus pickup/drop-off area linking back into Gosford CBD.

The development of the existing Iguana Joes building into a ferry terminal with rooftop bar, cafés and restaurants similar to “Manly Pier”, style entry to Gosford from Woy Woy, Saratoga, Davistown, etc. will be an exceptionally collaborative approach and works in conjunction with the Central Coast Regional 2036 Plan which focuses on connecting communities.

The opportunity to create this wonderful Waterfront precinct and showcase our environment’s natural waterways will encourage tourism, employment and further develop the Gosford City. The development of various eateries, cafes, restaurants, bars and galleries will create greater local opportunities for employment.

This will be an area for all members of the community to enjoy and create their own stories and memories. Get behind our Gosford Waterfront Masterplan.